High-precision fine wire diameter measurement


The measurement principle is based on the optical effect of diffraction at a slit.

The highest degree of accuracy is achieved by the interpretation of the diffraction


pattern which is formed at the wire and projected onto a CCD array sensor.


Advantages with DMD

  • Non Contact Measurement
  • Instrument
  • High Speed and High Efficiency
  • High Precision
  • Data, Readings and Pictures can be saved
  • Practically no maintenance

Technical Parameters


DMD 05

DMD 20

Operating voltage


Measurement range

0.007 up to 0.5 mm

0.02 up to 1.2 mm

Repeatability (μm)



90 - 240 VAC





Measurement head (L x W x H) :210 mm x 65 mm x 75 mm

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Rev. 17.02.2021