Die Quick Check Measurement (Q C M) System!


The DIAM 3 series offer many advantages, specifically for Die Manufacturers. Compared to the traditional size check of dies with wire, the DIAM 3 utilises an image processing method. The die gets simply placed onto a die stage, and the ID measurement is automatically displayed, in less than a second, on the monitor.

An intense light generated from the bottom of the die stage passes through the die orifice. A camera located directly above the die receives these light signals and sends them on to the computer via a USB connection.


This image processing technology allows precision readings of +/- 0.3 μm


Advantages with DIAM 3:

  • Non Contact Measurement System

  • Non contact measurement

  • High Precision

  • ID of Die can be Visualised on Screen

  • Data, Readings and Pictures can be saved

  • Practically no maintenance