Die Quick Check Measurement (Q C M) System!



The DIAM 50 series offer many advantages, specifically for Die Manufacturers. Compared to the traditional size check of dies with wire, the DIAM 50 utilises an image processing method. The die gets simply placed onto a die stage, and after a brief auto focusing, the ID measurement is automatically displayed, in less than a second, on the attached monitor.

An intense light generated from the bottom of the die stage passes through the die orifice. A camera located directly above the die receives these light signals and sends them on to the computer via a USB connection.


This image processing technology allows precision readings of +/- 0.3 μm


Advantages with DIAM 5:

  • Non Contact Measurement System

  • Non contact measurement

  • High Precision

  • ID of Die can be Visualised on Screen

  • Data, Readings and Pictures can be saved

  • Practically no maintenance