High precision drawing die measurement instrument:


The DIAM 6 is an All in One measurement instrument for drawing dies. It measure diameter and ovality as well as bearing length and reduction angle.

the Diam 6 offers many advanteges especially for the manufacturers .

Compared to the traditional size check of wired dies , DIAM 6 uses an image processing method. The die gets  simply placed into a die stage , and after a brief autofocus, the ID, angle, bearing slack and other parameters are measured full automatically.

After a short time all the results will be displayed on the screen.

an intense light generated by the bottom of this image processing the stage of the die, passes through the ortifice. 

A technologye allows precision  camera located directly above the matrix receives reading of+/- 0,3 um .

these light signals and sends them to the depending on the measurement computer via a USB connection.


Diameter of die whole ID 

- Ovality 

- bearing length

-Reduction angle



-Parallelismof bearing in and out 

-Angle of bearing to case 

-3D drawing of reduction cone

-Fully automated turn key system 


Advantages of Diam 6:

- Non contact measurement system 

- high speed and high efficiency 

-high precision

-ID, reduction angle and the die can be visualed on the screen 

 - Data, Readings and pictures can be saved 

- Practically no maintenance 


Measurement principle


Image processing

Measuring cycle incl. handling


10 up to 50 Seconds

depends on methods

Measurement range DIAM 60


0.05 up to 1.5 mm

Measurement range DIAM 61


0.15 up to 4 mm

Measurement range DIAM 62


0.3 up to 7 mm

Measurement range DIAM 65


0.7 up to 15 mm




Operating voltage 26976212


90 - 240 VAC


Dimensions: ( w* D *H) 300 mm* 290 mm* 800mm