Ultra fine wire production at KJM GmbH


In the nice village of Bonsweiher, part of Mörlenbach on the border of the Odenwald, 60 km south of Frankfurt, the company KJM has started producing the finnest wires.


The company's new specialty is to draw the thinnest wires down to 10 µm on in-house developed drawing machines. A new type of drawing process usually makes the wires very straight, especially when they are hard. Strengths of up to 4000 N / mm2 can be reached


Essentially, stainless steel wire and other high-quality alloys are drawn.

EDM wires with diameters ≤ 50 µm can also be drawn, also straight and with high strength. Coated wires can also be drawn much thinner as with conventional machines.



  • Stainless steel wire smaller than 10 to 25 µm

  • Special alloys smaller than 100 µm

  • Bonding wire smaller than 30 µm

  • EDM wire smaller than 70 µm

  • Saw wire for cutting wafers smaller than 60 µm

  • Electronic wires, especially for sensors smaller than 100 µm

  • Woven wires of any material smaller than 50 µm



The diameter is continuously monitored online.


Surface defects can also be detected during production on request.